Yardi Services

We provide full range of Yardi consulting, reporting and support services. We are dedicated to help you achieve your strategic business objectives optimally through Yardi suite of products.

With our extensive experience with Yardi, we assist clients to manage their real estate properties. Our system design and solutions strive to maximize the product effectiveness to business teams such that the client get full benefits of their investment in Yardi

We proactively communicate new Yardi features & upgrades to clients to ensure continuous success and improvement

We have expertise across the following Yardi modules and suite of products, Advance Maintenance, Commercial, Commercial Leasing Pad, Finance (AP/AR/GL), International, Job Costing, PayScan, Rent Café, Residential, Retail, Unit Sales CRM, Vendor Café

We help clients implement, upgrade, enhance, and integrate their Yardi products by providing professional services. Our services include, implementation, training, data migration, custom reporting, custom development, integrations, business process reviews and help desk support


Techsofya handles all the facets of Yardi implementation, which helps our clients to focus on growing their business

We provide Yardi clients with seamless implementation and integration of the Yardi Voyager as well as its many modules like Pay Scan, Vendor Café, Commercial Café, Rent Café, Construction Management, Unit Sales, Commercial Leasing Pad and Advance Maintenance

Our value proposition is that we bring together our accounting, process and Yardi, to ensure that your business processes are optimized to Yardi capabilities and the system design is tailored to meet your requirements.

Implementation Approach
Our implementation approach has the following phases, Define, Design, Develop, Demonstrate and Deliver

During this phase, we conduct discussion with business champions and understand the activities preformed in each business functions. In form of Q&A sessions and brainstorming with business, we document the pain points and issues in the current state and identify future needs for process improvement

As an outcome of these workshops, the Business Process Requirements (BPR) document is prepared and sent to the business teams for approvals. Once approved, we proceed with system design phase


During the design phase we do a full gap analysis and to be state process mapping to Yardi processes

We map business requirements into Yardi to design Future State process. We identify the gaps in the system against the approved business requirements and propose appropriate solutions for Future State

We also publish the current state and future state process maps highlighting the recommended process changes and improvements


During this phase based on the requirements and approved process mapping, we initiate system design phase. System design includes system setups, such as Chart of Accounts, Configurations, Charge codes, Roles, Workflows, lookup lists, Tax, custom tables, segments, attributes, ETLs, etc.


Once we complete the development phase, we plan a Demo/Conference Room Pilot, during which we demonstrate how we have implemented the mapping into Yardi and how the new business processes will be used by the business users

Apart from actual setup, we also conduct user acceptance testing and end user training during the demonstrate phase

End Users Training
We prepare training manuals optimised for specific business processes which includes desktop procedure of every activity performed by user, including exceptions.

We then conduct classroom training to the business users. After the training is completed, we conduct assessments to evaluate the training imparted to the users. Our trainings are customized based on your business requirements and all sessions are recorded and training videos are handed over to client for future references.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
We facilitate UAT by creating test scripts which are tailored to your key business scenarios

We strongly believe that the purpose of the testing is to see how system meets business needs, not to test the functionalities of the System. Hence, our Test Scripts cover end to end business operations, including exceptions.

All issues are promptly documented and reported to the respective stakeholders. We make sure that the issues are fixed and retested, and the environment is error free for Go-Live


During the Deliver phase, we perform Data migration activities and post Go-live support

Data Migration is one of the pivotal process in Yardi Implementation and it is critical to get this right, to avoid errors like double data entry, erroneous data and loss data that may hinder the roll-out process. Our defined data migration processes and toolkits, prevent errors, minimize downtime and accelerate the successful completion of the migration.

We also provide 30-day support post go-live as part of the implementation package. During this period, we continue to provide technical assistance to the business teams, which will help them to be productive
from Day 1

Data Migration

Data quality is the key for any successful implementation. Our consultants will work with business and develop strategy, which will drive the Data Migrations process efficiently

Our data migration processes eliminate data issues which enable your staff to be productive right from day one.

Our Data migration strategy involves, the following steps

Define ETL based on System Design
We define ETLs based on the business requirements and system design by considering configurations, setups, lookup lists, custom tables and customizations

Mappings and Collation of Data
We review the extracted reports from legacy system and perform mapping exercise to populate data in ETL
Business Validation – We then review the data quality to ensure the system requirements

Data Cleansing and Upload
If not, then based on the business validation, data issues are eliminated through data cleansing activity, and error free data is uploaded into Yardi

We upload the data first in test environment and perform dry run for all the major processes identified and make sure that the data is accurate. We also reconcile the data against the legacy system reports, rent roll, AR, etc., to make sure there are no discrepancies.

Application Support

We provide on-going post warranty support on Yardi to ensure that the business teams have full dedicated support on a day to day basis
As a part of our on-going application support process we do the following activities

Understanding of Business Processes
We review the existing process documents and understand the business processes integration with Yardi

Assessment of Implemented System
We review the configurations, customization and integration deployed in Yardi and understand how system is defined. Configurations include Chart of Accounts, Charge codes, System Configurations, Roles, workflows, lookup list, custom tables, Tax setups, Attributes, GL segments, etc.

Analyse and provide appropriate solution
Provide expert application and business process support to business users by addressing queries, troubleshooting issues and provide appropriate solutions

Provide necessary work around
In day to day activities, data entry errors impact business operations and requires immediate fix for seamless operations. We strive to turn around and fix problems immediately, but sometimes issues require involvement of the Yardi product team which may take time. In such scenarios, we usually strive to propose mitigation plans or interim workaround solutions to ensure uninterrupted operations

Coordination with Yardi
We liaise and coordinate with Yardi product teams for all cases logged for the client and follow-up on a regular basis to ensure timely closure of the same

Perform changes to System design as applicable
Based on any new requirements from business users, we perform changes to the system design after seeking the necessary approvals. We always ensure that any changes done do not impact any existing processes in system. System Design changes include (but not limited to) updating charge codes, GL accounts, Account trees, System/Property Configurations, Workflows, User Profiles, Security Tokens, lookup lists, custom tables, etc.

Drive for process improvements
We always strive to have continuous improvement. Based on their daily interaction with business users, our team members proactively identify additional areas of improvement in the operations and business processes and recommend updates and changes to business accordingly.

Publish metrics with Root cause Analysis
We prepare detailed reports on all operational activities performed. Over and above basic information like issues, fixed, reports created/updated, we also include root cause analysis and improvements for critical and high category issues

Users Training – As a part of the on-going support, if additional trainings are identified by the client, we help identify these trainings needs and provide appropriate training to address knowledge gaps


In accordance to any organisation needs, we categorise and customize our trainings to suit new users, refresh trainings for existing users or provide specific trainings to admin type of users
Our Training Highlights

Classroom & Online Trainings
We conduct one-on-one trainings or classroom style trainings, on-site or web-based as per the business needs

Availability at different time zones
Given our presence in different time zones, we can conduct online trainings at meet different business time zones too

Experienced Trainers
Our documentation is clear and concise. Our training techniques are engaging as we conduct training on the actual system being used, and explain each function to make sure that the business users are confident in using the System

Customized Manuals
We create customized manuals on the Yardi products implemented at your organisation based on processes or roles.

If agreed with the business team, all our training are followed by assignments to the trainees to assess the impact of the training sessions. During these assessments, we assign specific business tasks to the teams. It provides real-time experience by allowing the users to apply what has been learned in the training sessions

Evaluation & Skills Assessment
Following the training and hand on sessions, we share evaluation report with the management team as per the agreement

Custom Development

Techsofya has extensive experience and a repository of custom reports and tools which help enhance your experience in using Yardi products,

Yardi Spreadsheet Reporting (YSR)
YSR is a powerful proprietary tool from Yardi to customize the business reports as per client’s requirement and format. YSR allows to generate and deliver presentation-quality reports with rich content such as graphs, pivot tables and formatting features of MS Excel and MS Word. Utilizing the power of YSR and inbuilt functionalities of MS Excel and MS Word, we have developed 1000+ reports and templates for various clients

With correspondence management, we deliver business templates designed in MS Word. It can be used to generate templates such as Invoices, letters, statements
Columnar Reports (SQL Scripting) – This tool can be used to deliver complex business logic reports from a data dump provided by the client. Business users can then further analyse this data using MS Excel capabilities

Custom Financials
With Custom Financials, we help businesses utilize the vast financial data available in Yardi. With this tool we help design financial reports display values of totals, percentages, or other calculated results. Financial KPI’s such as MTD, YTD and ITD can be displayed using the tool’s functionalities

As a value add, we have used the combination of both Yardi tools – YSR and Custom Financials and delivered reports with complex business logics to our clients

Notifications (Email, SMS)
Getting notifications on important business actions and information is very much required in today’s fast changing business. We help clients in designing notifications through emails and SMS’s for workflow approvals, important business events, etc. This helps in quick business actions by the relevant stakeholders

Business Validations (Hooks)
Business operations for certain processes require validations before or after the action is performed. We help clients in designing these validations wherever feasible to improve processes. For example, if the client wants to validate whether the Tenant’s Tax information is updated before posting a charge, we can design a hook to stop posting of charge unless the tax info is updated

Our Custom Development Procedure
We follow a tried and tested custom development process customized to suite Yardi suit of products

Understand requirements
We recognize that custom reports have a significant importance in the business user’s day to day work or process. So, we put a lot of effort to understand the business need such that we are able to deliver the right visual output of the same. Hence detailing and documenting the requirements is a critical step in the process

Prepare Specification document
Based on the requirements documented, we prepare the specification document which includes all our assumptions, business logics, detailed fields, processes and suggestions for alternate solutions. This document is then sent to the relevant stakeholders for sign-off prior to starting the development

Development and Unit testing
Based on the agreed spec document technical team will develop the report/procedure in most efficient way possible to avoid any disturbance to system. Our tech team then performs unit level testing to ensure that developed reports/procedure are working as expected and logic are defined in spec report are included in output. Unit testing helps the developer to self-check the logics and technical scripts to confirm whether client requirement is achieved

Functional Testing
We also ensure that all the reports are tested by functional experts. Our Functional expertise ensure that all the requirement is achieved from business point of view, including exceptions. Functional testing includes all business scenarios and process specific analysis which helps in exceeding expectations.

UAT and Sign off
We plan and facilitate end user testing to ensure the actual users are satisfied with the result. We work with the business users to identify key business scenarios prior to UAT and these are used for testing during UAT. Once user completes the testing and satisfied with results, we close the UAT session with a final signoff

Once approved by the business users, we deploy the required files or procedures in live environment. We also deliver all documentation related to the custom development which contains (but not limited to) setup, configurations, testing results and specifications