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Founded in 2015, Techsofya stands as a beacon of expertise and unwavering determination in serving the global Commercial Real Estate Industry. With operational hubs spanning across UAE, India, Netherlands, Singapore, and the UK, we extend our specialized support to Real Estate Companies worldwide.

At Techsofya, our mission is to optimize and streamline operations for our clients across the real estate spectrum. We are dedicated to surpassing customer expectations, fostering a culture of excellence within our team. Leveraging our profound knowledge of Yardi and comprehensive real estate consulting, we strive to deliver unmatched services, empowering our clients with seamless and efficient daily operations.

Our commitment extends beyond existing partnerships, as we warmly welcome new clients into the fold, ready to embark on journeys of shared success and growth.

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Innovative digital solution services

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Elevate support, drive workplace productivity

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Helpdesk Support


Tailor solutions for optimal performance & scalability

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Custom Development


Visualize your data like never before.

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Yardi Data Connect


Effortlessly realize your vision, achieve peak performance

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Yardi Implementation


Seamless data migration solutions ensuring continuity and efficiency.

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Data Migration


Empower with advanced training, igniting executive effectiveness

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Training & Onboarding


Achieve efficiency through meticulous process optimization

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Health Check


Refine processes for productivity & operational excellence

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Process Enhancement


Streamline Your Operations, Elevate Your Success

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Operational Efficiency

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